Model the Parts in 3D

After initial sketches and discussions to define project goals, the mechanical design process begins by modeling any and all parts in 3D CAD.  With AMD this step includes parametric modeling and design for manufacturability.  The latter makes parts that are easier and therefore cheaper to produce.  By building parametric models up front, downstream changes become quicker. Sometimes reference parts - purchased parts, environmental elements, the work-piece, etc - may need to be modeled as well to ensure proper fit or function of the final product.  These extra steps require experienced designers, with broad knowledge of various manufacturing processes, and appropriate tolerances for each.  AMD has over 25 years of professional engineering design and detailing experience.


Assemble the Parts

The parts are then assembled using constraints in CAD to ensure proper fit, function, and look.  Any assembly issues such as static or dynamic interference can be mitigated prior to fabricating and assembling the parts.  The 3D modeling phase is the most cost-effective time to address any potential issues and balance the design goals vs. cost.   AMD leverages the power of modern CAD software to eliminate the previously slow and expensive iterative build process to eliminate form, fit, function issues.

Animate the Assembly, if NEEDED

Assemblies can be animated to operate just like in real life, resulting in videos.  But unlike in real life these videos can be cross-section views or include transparent or missing parts for enhanced viewing.  This digital prototyping before any parts are made becomes an effective means of achieving project goals on the first physical prototype build.

Linear FEA, if requested

If requested, AMD can perform very basic linear Finite Element Analysis studies to determine the strength of your parts and assemblies.  This step can help ensure that parts don't fail prematurely and may save time and money on your engineering projects.

Some of our customers require mechanical engineers to review designs, analyze them for strength, or stamp permitting drawings. AMD partners with an elite group of engineers that specialize in linear and non-linear FEA for all applications.  This partner group includes an on-staff M.E. with a PE stamp for mechanical.