Engineering Drawings

Engineering drawings fully define the requirements to fabricate a part.  They communicate design intent from the engineer to the fabricator using an established graphic language.  Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is a relatively recent addition to this language, employing concise symbols and tolerances to further enhance part definition where applicable.  Properly applied GD&T can reduce part cost while retaining the same functionality.  AMD has over 25 years experience using this graphic language, including GD&T.

Engineering drawings are how parts get from the digital world to the real world.  Engineering drawings will include all necessary information including; part number and name, dimensions, material, finish, heat treat, and tolerances.  Tolerance is a critical area where a part's features are individually addressed... tight tolerances will ensure nearly perfect features but will be costly to produce.  Loose tolerances will make less expensive parts but can jeopardize quality and function.  AMD has extensive experience with this critical balance of achieving low part cost while ensuring proper performance.

  When you get a drawing from AMD, it is  your  COMPANY NAME     in the title block

When you get a drawing from AMD, it is your COMPANY NAME in the title block

Protection for you and your design

An engineering drawing is also a legal contract between you (the design owner), and the fabricator. The parts you have built must conform to the drawing specifications.  An accurate detailed drawing ensures you get consistent parts that will assemble and function properly.  Non-compliant parts can be rejected and sent back to the fabricator for them to rework to compliance or replace.  By having an engineering drawing, you are able to easily get quotes from new suppliers to shop for more competitive quotes.  Lacking a detailed drawing that you control, your parts' quality and price may be at the mercy of someone else.  Let AMD handle the creation and revisions of your engineering documentation and be confident that you are in good hands.