Reverse Engineering

AMD has decades of experience reverse engineering parts and assemblies.  Reverse engineering is needed when you have a physical part, but no CAD model or drawings of it.  AMD can turn your physical part into a 3D CAD model, from which an  engineering drawing can be made.  Have an old machine with a broken part that needs replacing?  Are you manufacturing parts without an engineering drawing?  Do you have an idea how to alter a physical part to improve it's function?  Let AMD convert your physical part(s) to leverage all the advantages of the digital world.

2D to 3D conversion

AMD can take your legacy 2D drawings and convert them into 3D parts with linked engineering drawings.  Once in 3D, the part's strength can be tested using FEA and more.  Check out the 3D modeling  tab above to see all the advantages of 3D CAD files.

Cloud based files

AMD can maintain a secure cloud-based folder for all of the latest revisions of your drawings and files.  As your drawings are revised only the latest approved version of each drawing is available in the cloud folder.  For instance, you can allow your purchasing department access to this cloud folder to ensure that only the latest (and correct) version of the drawing is ordered.  This one service has greatly improved the product life cycle of one of our largest customers.


Some companies prefer to have their designs or drawings checked prior to building.  Engineering checking can review part and assembly drawings for proper part numbering, materials, heat treats, and over/under dimensioning to name a few.  Tolerance stack-up studies can confirm proper assembly and function.  If a 3D model or assembly is provided, some time can usually be saved on checking.  AMD staff have years of experience in the discipline of engineering drawing checking; Michael was employed solely as an engineering checker for RFS in Phoenix.