About amd

Atlas Mechanical Design was created to bring top tier engineering CAD services to small and medium sized companies.  AMD integrates with your engineering department, or can work as your company’s sole engineering design department.  We can start with your sketches and data, or work from a blank slate with only a problem definition and desired outcome.  AMD can also help individual inventors develop and document their concepts, for patenting and/or building and testing.  By signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with us, you will retain ownership of your concepts and designs, and by law AMD cannot disclose your ideas to any third party without your written consent.

Where Is AMD?

Based out of New Orleans, LA, AMD is able to provide service to companies in any locale due to video conferencing and screen-sharing capability.  This allows you and your team to see 3D CAD parts, assemblies, and more in real time without costly and time consuming travel, or without maintaining an in-house design team.  Have a meeting with AMD from the comfort of your own offices and see the future of engineering communication.  ... Indeed, most of our current customers are out of state.

Who is AMD?

AMD was founded by Michael Yount who has spent over 25 years designing and detailing machines, new products, fixtures, and much more.  Michael has managed many design projects such as elevated solar tracking arrays, custom vehicles, automotive projects, and industrial machinery.  His experience and knowledge of manufacturing processes includes machining, sheet metal, welding, and assembly best practices.  Michael also has 35 years of light shop experience as well including; MIG/TIG welding steel, stainless and aluminum, mill operator, various hand operated tools, etc.  Decades of first-hand industry knowledge mean efficient use of design time, which will save you money and time on your engineering projects.

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To view or download Michael Yount's CV ...     <CLICK HERE>